Shoulder Pain

New York’s Finest Shoulder Experts

Shoulder injuries can result from overuse, injury, or simply everyday wear-and-tear. Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint with three main bones held together by muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Problems with any one of these areas can cause overall shoulder discomfort and severely limit your range of motion. Don’t let shoulder pain limit your mobility—let the healthcare professionals at Joint Relief Associates of New York set you right!

Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Relief

At Joint Relief Associates of New York, we use a variety of non-surgical treatment modalities to alleviate pain and treat the source. Whether you are in need of massage therapy to soothe sore muscles or chiropractic care to fix a shoulder misalignment, we have a treatment option that is right for you!

Say No to Shoulder Pain Once and for All

The shoulder join has the greatest range of motion in the entire body—don’t let shoulder pain slow you down. Contact the experts at Joint Relief Associates of New York today to learn more about how we can help rid your life of shoulder pain. Call us today at 516.590.7410 to schedule your FREE initial consultation!