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At Joint Relief Associates of New York, we believe that one of the best resources available to potential clients is hearing what our current and former patients are saying about us. We invite you to find out more by browsing through our testimonials.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect when you join the Joint Relief Associates of New York family.

“My knee pain was great before I started treatment with Joint Relief Associates of New York. However, the treatment was very successful and I no longer have any pain! My experience at Joint Relief Associates of New York was excellent.”

Doris C.

East Patchogue, NY

“I could barely move before I started treatment. My knees were very painful and I had severe pain which was consistently getting worse. The treatments have helped my daily life because my knees feel better with less pain. I’m better than I was before. The whole staff was attentive, great, friendly, and a great help!”

Ruth G.

New Hyde Park, NY

“It used to be that after walking a little I would have pain in my knee. Now I can walk much longer without the pain occurring. I feel that I have more ‘cushioning’ in my knee joint and much less pain! The staff here is great. They are very friendly, courteous and helpful.”

James R.

Rockaway Beach, NY

“Prior to starting treatment at Joint Relief Associates of New York, I suffered with severe pain in both my right and left knees to the point where I couldn’t walk at all. Now after treatment I’m totally pain free, playing golf 2-3x per week with no problem. My experience was excellent on all levels—very professional and efficient. I would recommend Joint Relief Associates of New York to anyone with knee problems.”

Dr. Allen P.

Hewlett, NY

“Before treatment, it was very painful to walk and I felt very uneasy on my legs with walking—something which created fear of walking and anxiety in general about my future. Everyone at Joint Relief Associates put all my fears at ease right from the very beginning. They are very professional and hospitable and very caring with everyone who came in; I liked the atmosphere all the way through the treatment and I am looking forward to coming again.”

Margarita P.

Farmingdale, NY

“Very professional and friendly. Always on time with appointment and accommodate all my needs.”

Linda V.

“It was a pleasure to come in and get shots. The staff was wonderful. Professional isn’t the word – a pleasure!!”

Richard D.

“Would recommend to everybody. Staff professional, caring and answer questions.”

Margaret H.

“Great. Magnificent. Super. Excellent.”

Ross H.

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Other Services


As one of the most common forms of arthritis, the doctors at Joint Relief Associates of NY are here to help find a custom treatment plan to help alleviate your daily discomfort from osteoarthritis symptoms.

Knee Pain

As one of New York’s finest integrated medical practices, we take great pride in offering the latest in knee pain management. Whether you sustained an injury or are suffering because of natural wear and tear, our team of medical experts has your back.

Shoulder Pain

Pain in and around the shoulder joint can be a great source of discomfort if not treated adequately. Joint Relief Associates of NY is here to remind you that shoulder pain can be managed with the appropriate personalized treatment plan.

Hip Pain

If you are experiencing aches and discomfort in and around your hips, contact us and enquire about our various treatment options. Our team of medical specialists will find the best, personalized treatment plan for you.

Pain Management

Pain management involves the relief of pain on all its levels. From acute and simple to chronic and challenging, our team of experts will work tirelessly to put together a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs.



Joint Injectables

At Joint Relief Specialists of NY, we specialize in a digitally guided joint injectable where our medical team is able to see the knee joint on a video screen in real-time as the procedure is being performed, making for more accurate results.

Hyalgan Lubricant Treatment

Say goodbye to joint aches; we are here to remind you that leading a pain-free life is possible! Hyalgan Lubricant injections may provide long-lasting pain relief for up to six months.