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Stop Living with Joint Pain. Period. At Joint Relief Associates of New York, we take pride in offering the finest services geared towards alleviating your knee and shoulder pain. Regardless of your age or severity of your condition, our healthcare professionals will properly diagnose your pain and prescribe treatment modalities that are tailored around your specific needs. If you suffer from any knee or shoulder condition that causes pain or general discomfort, let the medical specialists at Joint Relief Associates of New York get you well again!

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Your Non-Surgical Knee Pain Specialists in New York Knee pain can be the result of many things, including injury, overuse, or even some underlying condition such as arthritis. When you have knee pain, swelling and stiffness are common symptoms, and you likely are unable to think about anything other than…


First-Rate Joint Relief Services in the New York Area Joint Relief Associates of New York is a highly-skilled, integrated practice that focuses on alleviating joint pain. Our healthcare professionals are educated practitioners who employ the most advanced technology to properly diagnose your joint pain at its source and then accurately…


New York’s Finest Shoulder Experts Shoulder injuries can result from overuse, injury, or simply everyday wear-and-tear. Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint with three main bones held together by muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Problems with any one of these areas can cause overall shoulder discomfort and severely limit your range…

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Patient Reviews My knee pain was great before I started treatment with Joint Relief Associates of New York. However, the treatment was very successful and I no longer have any pain! My experience at Joint Relief Associates of New York was excellent.
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